Dr. Dick Harding first came to Nepal to serve as a medical missionary in
1970. Over the next 32 years, he developed a close attachment to Nepal
and to the Nepali people.  He developed a strong desire to help the
neediest people in Nepal:  women, children, disabled, and landless.

When Dr. Harding received a cash reward for his years of service at the
All Nepal Medical Association Conference in 1999, he felt his money
should be used to start a Trust Fund to continually encourage innovative
programs by Nepali NGO and church groups specifically to help these
needy people.

The Dr. Dick Harding Trust Fund provided grants to five such programs
up to 2006. Following Dr. Harding's retirement to the USA, the fund was
reorganized as a charitable organization and was incorporated in the
state of North Carolina in November 2007:  Employee Identification
Number (EIN) 262864524. We are now recognized as a 501(c)(3)
charitable foundation.
The purpose of the Trust Fund is to assist the start-up of excellent
projects focusing on helping women, children and the disabled in Nepal,
such as:

  • Health promotion activities for women and children
  • Skill training for the poorest of the poor, helpless women and
  • Formation of women's groups, women's development and income
    generating activities; and savings and loan programs.
  • Support and training for physically disabled
  • Awareness programs focusing on violence against women, girl
    trafficking and other gender issues.
  • Literacy programs for women and children.
  • Child-to-child programs, particularly in schools.
Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees

For the proper implementation of the Trust Fund, a board of 6-8 trustees
was chosen by
Director, Dr. Harding. This board periodically selects
from among themselves the following officers:

  • Coordinator: practical administration of the Trust Fund and
    monitors activities of selected recipient projects.
  • Chairperson: chairs meetings, officially represents the Trust
    Fund, works closely with the Coordinator in communication and
    networking with donors, organizations, partner agencies, and other
    concerned people, and prepares reports.
  • Secretary: supports the Coordinator in collecting information,
    monitoring, evaluating the project, and documentation.
  • Treasurer: responsible for financial recording and reporting

Responsibilities of Board Members

All trustee members have the following responsibilities:
  • advertise the Trust Fund among churches, community-based
    organizations, and appropriate friends in Nepal, USA and other
  • review, give advice and select project proposals from primarily
    Nepali Christian organizations, making one or more project grants
  • review semi-annual progress and financial reports of funded
  • help in final evaluation of funded projects
  • carry out any other specific roles and responsibilities to assist the

Fiscal Responsibilities

With the reorganization in 2007 of the Dr. Dick Harding Trust Fund to the
Dr. Dick Harding Charitable Fund for Nepal, the office for the fund is now
located in Colfax, NC. The Director, Dr. Harding; his daughter, Ellen
Harding Collins; and, son, Dr. Peter Harding manage the account in the
USA and are designated signatories to transferring money from this
account to the Nepal account. Three officers in Nepal (chairperson,
treasurer and coordinator) are designated as co-signatories to administer
project grants to selected recipient programs. Neither the Director nor any
of the Trustee officers or members receives any compensation. Except for
minor administrative expenses, all donation to the Trust Fund are used to
provide project grants.