The current director of the Trust Fund, Dr. Dick Harding served as a Presbyterian
medical missionary in the South Asian kingdom of Nepal for many years.  A father of
four, grandfather of seven, and retired Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Harding's past
experiences serving through the United Mission to Nepal have led him to achieve
great things.  
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Dr. Dick Harding first came to Nepal to serve as a medical missionary in 1970. Over
the next 32 years, he developed a close attachement to Nepal and to the Nepali
people.  He developed a strong desire to help the neediest people in Nepal:  women,
children, disabled, and landless.
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For the proper implementation of the Trust Fund, a Board of six to eight Trustees
was chosen by Director Dr. Harding.  We are proud of our incredible mix of
backgrounds and talents. Click to read about each of these outstanding people.  
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