J.W. Richard Harding, III, MD, MPH, Director and Chief Fiscal Officer
Nawang Singh Gurung - Chairperson
Krishna Man Shakya - Secretary
Martha Sharma - Treasurer
Ramesh K. Khadka - Coordinator
Vijaya (Shrestha) Adhikari- Member and past Coordinator
Ellen (Jyoti) Collins - Member
Peter R. Harding - Member
Narayan Prasad Maharjan, Member
Mohan Prasad Sharma - Member
Masters in Economic Community Development, New Hampshire College

In his 25 years of service with the Community Development and Health Project
(CDHP) of the United Mission to Nepal (UMN), he rose in experience and
responsibility. In 1996, following completion of a master's degree in Community
Economic Development from from New Hampshire College, he became Assistant
Project Director under Dr. Harding. He directed a thorough study of possible new
areas for expansion and then led the development of a long-term innovative strategic
plan for this new work.

In 1997, he was selected to relieve Dr. Harding as Project Director. For many years he
also directed Hope International, an International NGO providing job training for
Tibetan refugees in the Kathmandu Valley. Since 2000, he has been a very influential
and effective author and coordinator of pioneering community development work in
the large areas of Tibet Autonomous Region, China, under Future Generations, an
American based international development NGO. He now serves as the Development
Director of its Tibet program.
MPH Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

As a determined young student, he endured long walks and hardships to obtain a
high school education in remote, mountainous Dhading District. He persevered and
won an opportunity to obtain training as Health Assistant at the Institute of Medicine in
Kathmandu. He joined CDHP and became a very effective health post team leader.
After studying for a master's in public health at the prestigious Chulalongkorn
University in Thailand, he received successive promotions in CDHP: District Health
Manager, Assistant Project Director and finally Project Director. When CDHP was
disbanded by UMN, he formed and became Executive Director of a Christian NGO,
Shanti (Peace) Nepal. This NGO took over the management of CDHP's Chapaguan
Teaching Health Post in a partnership with the local government and the Lalitpur
District Health Office.
Shanti Nepal's work area has expanded to also include rural
community health development in Dhading and Chitwan Districts. Krishna Man has
also been active in and has served as secretary of the Nepal Public Health
In 1994, as a young dental technician who had recently received training in rural
health development under Drs. Mabel and Raj Arolle at the famous Jamkhed Project
in Maharastra State of India, he formed and registered the second Nepal Christian
Share and Care in Medico-Nepal (SCM-N).  He was requested by CDHP to take
over and expand the work of one if its maternal and child health clinics in Pharping on
the rim of the Kathmandu Valley. Since 1994, he has directed and developed
into a model community-based health and development program, which has
gradually "gone to scale" and is now working in five districts, serving a population of
SCM-N has emphasized literacy, income-generating activities, and savings
and loan programs for women and has effectively resulted in self-sustaining
community run health development.  
Master's from Tribhuvan University

Having earlier completed UMN's business school program, in 1993 she began work
with CDHP as Administrative Assistant to the Project Director until it was disbanded in
2004. She also organized and became involved with CDHP's social welfare
committee. She effectively coordinated and evaluated the school scholarship program
for poor children; managed the charity relief work for disaster victims; and led
workshops to increase women's self awareness, self-esteem and confidence. She
also continued her studies receiving intermediate and bachelors degrees in arts and
a diploma in community health development from Jamkhed. Over the past ten years,
she has been instrumental in helping Martha Sharma, Krishna Man Shakya and a
number of others to start up Christian NGOs and currently serves on numerous
boards including
Sahara Nepal, Shanti Nepal, Build Nepal (providing income
Karuna Nepal (street  children and drugs), CARnet Nepal (orphans an
needy children).

For the past several years she has been social welfare coordinator of the
Guruama Memorial Foundation
of the large Gyaneswor Church in Kathmandu,
providing non-formal education, income generation, savings and loans, and
self-awareness programs for women; drug counseling training for church members;
general counseling for women and youth; and school level scholarship programs.
Lab Tech, Community Medicine Auxiliary (CMA), Tansen, Nepal

He is a long-time friend and former student of Dr. Harding. In 1997, he founded and
then developed, along with his entire family,
Welfare Association for Children in
(WACT), which has targeted its activities to the outcast and landless Tharu
ethnic tribe in the far western terai of Nepal.

Nationally recognized as a model NGO, WACT has provided hostel and schooling for
illiterate orphans and extremely poor children; starting programs directed toward
women including literacy and income-generation training, and organization of
cooperatives and savings and loan "banks"; and opening primary health care clinics.

Over the past decade, WACT has demonstrated the effectiveness of many partnering
enterprises with various groups. Mohan has also been a strong catalyst for
evangelism and church development in the area. In 2007 he handed over the
day-to-day operation of WACT to his son, Ajay Anand, and founded and became
pastor of a new and rapidly growing church int he town of Tikapur. His incredible
success is due to his devotion, wisdom, and the respect he enjoys of all segments of
the community, including Maosit insurrectionists.
Assistant Nurse Midwife (ANM), Tansen

She is also a long-time friend, student and later, co-worker of Dr. Harding. She
worked 15 years as hospital assistant nurse in Tansen Mission Hospital, where she
had received her training. Then in 1990, she joined CDHP as a health post nurse and
later as coordinator of referred patients from CDHP health posts to the mission's
Patan Hospital. She retired in 2001 and established
Sahara (Assistance) Nepal, a
Christian NGO located in Patan Church, providing cutting, sewing, knitting and other
skill training to widows who have no income and little hope in society in which widows
are at great risk.
BA Anthropolgy, Davidson College, NC; MPH (Health Behavior and Health
Education) University of North Carolina School of Public Health

Daughter and eldest child of Dr. Harding, she grew up in Nepal, is fluent in the
language and understands and appreciates Nepali culture. After graduation from
Davidson College, she served as an education missionary in Thailand for three
years. She then received her MPH and married Andy Collins, who, like Ellen, was a
"missionary kid" (from Thailand). They went to Nepal in 1993 as missionaries under
the UMN and served there for 12 years. She served as health education and training
consultant under her father in CDHP and also organized skill training for many of the
missionaries' Nepali cooks and house girls. The Collins family left Nepal in 2005 and
they are currently serving as missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
BS Biology, Davidson College, NC; MS Environmental Science, Baylor University;
Doctor of Osteopathy, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Son of Dr. Harding, he spent most of his early childhood in Nepal. Following
commissioning as officer from ROTC at Davidson College, he served in the U.S. Army
for three years and then earned a master's degree in Environmental Science.
Securing an Air Force scholarship, he studied medicine and remained in the Air Force
for his training in Internal Medicine and then served four years as a physician at Scott
Air Force Base. He had returned to Nepal to work in Tansen Mission Hospital during
his final medical school rotation and has continued to appreciate the need for primary
health care for the people of Nepal. He now lives with his wife, Ingrid, and three
children in New Jersey.  
Kusunti,Ward No. Lalitpur District
P.O. Box 8975 : EPC 1579
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-01-5547-707
Bagdol, Ward No. 4                
Lalitpur Municipality, Nepal
Phone: 977-01-5544-485
Shanti Nepal
G.P.O. Box 8975: EPC 2138
Talchikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
Talchhikhel, Ward No. 14        
Lalitpur Municipality, Nepal
Phone: 977-01-5544-485    
Sahara Nepal
P.O. Box 7358
Kathmandu, Nepal
Sanepa, Ward No 3                
Lalitpur Municipality, Nepal
Phone: 997-01-5538-577
Share and Care - Nepal
P. O. Box 10567
Kathmandu, Nepal
8 Barley Hill
Dunbridge near Romsey
Hampshire SO51 OLF
Phone: 01794342212
Christian Communications Center
P.O. Box 48                                
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000
Phone: 053-234-522
1000 Alexander Stewart Drive
Hillsborough, N.C.  27278        
Tikapur Municipality Ward #9
Tikapur, Kailali District, Koshi Zone
Western Region, Nepal
121 Avenue of Two Rivers
Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: 732-747-7691
IA Tribhuvan College; B.Ed. Institute of Education of Tribhuvan University; MBA
Tansen Campus of T.U.; PhD in Management, T.U.

When Dr. Harding arrived at Tansen Mission Hospital in 1970, Narayan was the
hospital’s health educator.  He gradually progressed in his education until he was
eventually awarded a PhD in 2005.  He held numerous teaching posts at the
Tansen, Palpa Multiple Campus of the national (Tribhuvan) university, served 5 years
as chairman of the General Management Department, and is currently chairman of
the Marketing Department of the Management Faculty.  

However, his highest goals in life were dramatically changed when he fell in love
with and married a Christian nursing student at the mission hospital.  He himself
became a baptized Christian and eventually was the founding pastor of a new church
in Tansen.  His zeal led him to assist the formation of many struggling young
churches in the districts around Tansen.  He became a local citizen representative
on the Mission Hospital’s Advisory Board (and also later on the board of the new
Tansen Nursing School, which Dr. Harding was involved in founding in 2000.).  He
became greatly involved with and served for six years as chairman of the Christian
Human Development and Community Services, which operates two small
rural mission hospitals and was hopefully planning to direct two other mission
hospitals, including Tansen Hospital.  He currently (2009) serves as Executive
Director of this important organization.  He has also served on the executive
committees of
Nepal Rural Reconstruction Association, Mission Nepal, Leprosy
Mission Nepal, and Management Association of Nepal
P.O. Box 4689
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 997-01-016216777