NGO Recipient:
Welfare Association for Children in Tikapur (WACT)
A registered Christian organization to help women and children

Grant: $590

Project Objectives:
  • Poor women who own little or no farmland form a cooperative and
    receive professional training in growing seasonable vegetables.
  • Women are provided with a way of generating income by managing
    their small plot of land and selling the produce at the Tikapur
    farmers market.
  • Women's Empowerment Training in group organization and
    managing their own finances.
  • Establish and manage a savings and loan program.

The Project:
WACT purchased a small plot of land a few miles outside of the town of
Tikapur for the vegetable garden. Interested rural women then organized
into a Garden Cooperative. A government agriculture extension agent
was hired to provide training in developing and managing a vegetable
garden and to provide seeds. WACT staff provided training in
bookkeeping and marketing to a few of the members who were literate.
(WACT has been providing "non-formal education" literacy training for
women and older girls for many years.) The women successfully grew a
variety of vegetables and established a small farmers market on
Saturdays in Tikapur.

The program has been very successful. The women have expanded their
garden and their farmers market has become very popular with the town
people. The co-op has used their earnings to set up their own savings
and loan banking system. They have become greatly empowered and
enabled to control their own earnings. The group has also taken further
training to generate more funds.
Project 1:  Women's Vegetable Garden Income Generation (2000)
Project 2:  Cutting, Sewing and Knitting Training for Widows (2002)
Project 3:  Assistance Program for War Refugees (2003)
Project 4:  Non-Formal Education Training and Income Generation for Illiterate
     Church Women (2004)
Project 5:  Training on Manufacturing of Candles for Disabled People