Project 1:  Women's Vegetable Garden Income Generation (2000)
Project 2:  Cutting, Sewing and Knitting Training for Widows (2002)
Project 3:  Assistance Program for War Refugees (2003)
Project 4:  Non-Formal Education Training and Income Generation for Illiterate
        Church Women (2004)
Project 5:  Training on Manufacturing of Candles for Disabled People
NGO Recipient:
Sahara Nepal ("Sahara" means "Encouragement")
A registered Christian organization to help women and children -

Grant: $750

Project Objectives:
  • Provide tailoring skills to enable widows to earn their own living
  • Provide hope to severely marginalized women

The Project:
Sahara Nepal is a small NGO formed by Martha Sharma, a recently
retired Christian Assistant Nurse Midwife, fulfilling her dream of bringing
hope and self-esteem to widows. Widows have very low social status in
Hindu society and are often destitute. The Patan Church provided a small
room on the roof of the church building for the training. Withthe help of
the fund's coordinator, Vijaya Adhikari, Martha used the grant money to
purchase several foot-operated sewing machines and other materials.
She began by providing a one-year training for two groups of four widows.
They learned how to cut patterns and sew children's clothes. They also
learned how to knit and make beaded bags and other items.

Several members of the first two groups of widows were able to start their
own tailor shops and others were able to obtain salaried jobs in existing
shops. To date, eight groups of women have received training, along with
new hope for the future.
Training room on the roof of Patan Church for Sahara
Nepal's sewing and knitting project.
First class of widows learning to cut and sew