NGO Recipient:
Anugraha ("Grace") Church in Kathmandu

Grant: $333

Project Objectives:
  • Provide literacy training for illiterate refugees from Rukum, West
  • Provide training for marketable skills for useful employment
  • Provide savings and credit and health awareness training

The Project:
Krishna Man Shakya became aware of the dreadful plight of civil war
refugees who lived in tent camps along the Bagmati River, which divides
the cities of Kathmandu and Patan. They were mostly illiterate farmers --
men, women and children. With the assistance of some church members,
he organized non-formal education classes and several skill training

As the people were also busy finding daily food and shelter, this was a
difficult task. During the year, many of them returned to their homes as
the fighting subsided and the political situation became more stable.
Others left when it became impossible for them to exist any longer as
refugees, displaced hundreds of miles from their homes.
Project 1:  Women's Vegetable Garden Income Generation (2000)
Project 2:  Cutting, Sewing and Knitting Training for Widows (2002)
Project 3:  Assistance Program for War Refugees (2003)
Project 4:  Non-Formal Education Training and Income Generation for Illiterate
     Church Women (2004)
Project 5:  Training on Manufacturing of Candles for Disabled People