Project 1:  Women's Vegetable Garden Income Generation (2000)
Project 2:  Cutting, Sewing and Knitting Training for Widows (2002)
Project 3:  Assistance Program for War Refugees (2003)
Project 4:  Non-Formal Education Training and Income Generation for Illiterate
      Church Women (2004)
Project 5:  Training on Manufacturing of Candles for Disabled People
NGO Recipient:
Sahara Nepal

Grant: $ 1630.00

Project Objectives:
Overall Goal: To empower and strengthen the economic, social, and moral
condition of women through training for income generation.

Program Objectives:      
  • For women to become skilled in making candles
  • To enable the women to sell the candles in the local market
  • To support underprivileged, unskilled women
  •  To free the women from self-pity and humiliation

The Project:
Sahara Nepal was started in 2001 to help widows and single mothers, who
had no source of income, by providing skill training in an income
generating occupation, particularly sewing and knitting.  Because there is
scarce electricity in the mountainous rural areas, there has always been a
great demand for locally made candles.  Recently, because of severe
restriction of electricity in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, the demand for
candles has greatly increased in the cities as well.

The project will provide basic training materials and training for two
groups of 15 women from the urban area and two groups of 15 women
each from the rural areas.  A total of 60 women will therefore receive
training and the materials for further training sessions will be available.  
The training for the 30 rural women will include transportation, lodging,
and meals (total cost: $1,000.)
Sunday school class for illiterate women
before the project.